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As a young child I was always drawn to nature.  I had no brothers or sisters to play with, but I did have a faithful Cocker Spaniel named Ricky that was always by my side.  My life growing up was “interesting” as both parents struggled to maintain a “Happy Marriage.”  There were many hours that Rickey was my sole companion and nature provided me with comfort.  I loved going to my grandparent’s cabin and playing for hours in the woods, climbing rocks, and playing in the brook. 

As I was growing up, I experienced illnesses that that helped me learn more about myself and my journey as a Healer.  I had constant strep throats and lived on antibiotics. I even had an emergency appendix surgery done in third grade.  Looking back as a child, I had no control over my family dynamics.  I feel that my Throat Chakra was constantly challenged because I couldn’t speak my “truth.” I have also learned that the appendix, which is located in the Sacral Chakra area, affects  "the creativity and ones passion in life.”

Looking back, there were many events that made me wish that I had known about Energy Medicine and how important it is to keep the Chakra system clear.

I struggled in school but was still able to get through college. Although it wasn’t diagnosed until I was married, it turned out that I was (and am) dyslexic.  In my day, they just didn’t know how to support dyslexic children. In my first year of college, I started with a major in Child Life, but soon changed to major in Food and Nutrition with the hope of getting a Registered Dietitian Degree.  One thing that my mother did well when I was growing up was cooking and I did my best to learn all of her tips and tricks.  When I was just finishing up my last year of college, the American Dietetic Association changed the requirements for this degree from a 4-year degree to a 7- year degree which included an internship of 3-years. 

I had planned to marry after I finished school, so although I was considering completing the required internship in Massachusetts for 3-years. Our plan was to move to Rhode Island after I finished school as my husband, Wayne, was there and in the process of finishing his masters and doctorate degrees. Unfortunately, at the time, there were no internship opportunities for me in Rhode Island.

Wayne finished up school and then had wonderful job offers that ranged from the east and west coast.  We choose Maryland because it was “close enough” to family, but far enough that we could do our own thing.

We had a lovely 1/2 acre of land and a cute little cottage house in Rhode Island - a nice place especially since we were living on student stipends and the money I earned while working at URI as a cook. It came as quite a surprise that we could not have the same type of home as we did in Rhode Island. We moved into a planned community known as “Columbia” and we choose a Duplex close to where Wayne worked because at that point in time there was a major “gas crunch.”

Looking back at our move to Maryland it was an interesting journey for me. I did some catering with a local company, followed by getting a job where Wayne worked as a secretary/bookkeeper, then eventually becoming the Assistant Manger in the in-house cafeteria.  After 5 years, I decided it was time to move on and ended up as a Procurement Buyer for APL.

Things started to change for me after 21 years as a Buyer; I sensed another calling which slowly unfolded.

I began studying Healing Touch for People and Animals.  I struggled as I tried to “fit in" what everyone one else was seeing, feeling, and sensing.   I was just about to call it quits when our therapy dog at the time, Gandalf, became ill with cancer and was ready to pass.  It was quite an emotional time for our family and that’s where I learned about folks who could speak with animal spirits.  Gandalf was ready to move on to help the children he had been visiting at NIH cross the Rainbow Bridge.

The next morning after euthanizing him, I awoke early (like Gandalf always did) and went outside; hovering a few feet away from me were beautiful blue, silver and gold balls of light hovering in the air.  At first I thought I was seeing things after such an emotional evening.  But, to my surprise I spoke to the shimmering balls of light and asked, "Gandalf is this you?"  The balls of light brightened and I knew then that Gandalf was home.

The next few days after this event, things became clear as to what my path should be. I decided it was time to retire from APL and fully embrace my true calling. I am now a Holistic Energy Practitioner.