"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."  Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD

All my sessions for people and animals are done from my office, except for large animals (e.g. horses)  If I need travel to your location, it needs to be within a reasonable radius from my office and additional travel charges apply. 

Distance or remote sessions can be done for clients that are not able to come to my office. 

Sessions are 1-hour long. Each session includes: Intake/Update, Healing session and closure after session.

Discovery Package - Looking to explore how Energy work can support your Body-Mind and Spirit?  Then this package is just for you.  Three sessions including a modified intake session.  This package will allow you to experience the different forms of Energy work that I offer.  So, its kinda like creating your own Ice cream Sunday, but with Energy.  Here are a few examples: Healing Touch, Aromatherapy, and Crystals; or Healing Touch, Tuning forks, and Tibetan Bowls - a lovely sound experience!  Or, go deeper with Healing Touch, Light and Peter Mandel's crystals. 

Seasonal Support Package - I follow the 5-Element practice of the seasons.  Spring, Summer, Late Summer or also know as, the Harvest Season, Fall and Winter.  Each one of these seasons is energetically different then the one before it.  By staying "In-Step" with mother nature you will be in harmony with that season and be able to move with ease and grace during that season. 

Chakra Balancing Session: There are seven primary chakra energy centers in the body. Each chakra has its own portion of the body that it supports, its own specific energy pattern, color vibration, and emotions patterns. The chakra centers are located along the center-line of the body, running up the spine and down the front of the body.  When our chakras are in balance, like a car - everything runs smoothly and you can navigate the road conditions safely.  You know when your car is out of balance; such as a flat tire that you need to stop and fix the situation.  The same holds true for your charka system - when one or more chakras are out of balance the rest of the body struggles to be in harmony.  Healing Touch has a wonderful chakra connection technique that brings all the chakras back into alignment.

Surgery Support Package - I have help many people with preparing energetically for their surgery.  One of my "Niches" is helping people with hip, knee, or breast cancer surgery.  Packages can be tailored to your specific needs.

Special Event - Is there something happening in your life that you need some special attention?  Getting married, having a baby or adopting a baby, bringing that new "critter" into your home, studying for a major exam or defending your thesis or are your in a competitive sport that you need focus and attention with? Packages can be tailored to your specific needs.

Once a Month Plan - Be in perfect harmony all year long - Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall and Winter.

Remote Healing Package - Cannot make it to my office?  Live in another state or on the other side of the Planet?  No problem, distance or remote sessions can be done.  Just let me know which package you would like.

Aromatherapy Consults:  Are available; due to the ethics that I am bound by, a full-intake session is required before I can recommend a course of action. 

Group Sessions - Group sessions are a great way for you to experience my work at an affordable price.  Sessions can accommodate 4 people and  they are typically "themed" around each season's energy.  I require at least 3-people per session in order to hold a group session. 

Peter Mandle's Disk Sessions:  Peter has created wonderful "Doorways" to accessing the Mind-Body-Spirit through specially created disks and crystals embedded with sacred geometry. Disk options include: The Love Disk, Earth Disk, Dream Disk and Esogetic Healing Symbols.

15-Minute Consults - From time to time, you might just have a question, or need a help with a particular issue that a quick phone telcon can help with. I offer a Package of 4 - 15-minute consults which you can use for 1-year.

Wellness For Companies - More and more companies are seeking ways to reduce employees stress and help them maintain well-being in the work place.  This is a new area of services for me, so lets chat and see what your needs are, I'm sure there are several ways I can help.

Critter Care Available too! - In-Home Pet sitting - There are times when a kennel situation or a pet sitting service may not work for your pet.  Depending on the situation; compatibly with our "fur" pack and our home setting, your pet might find this as a good option when you need to go away.  I am not a veterinarian or a vet tech, however I have lots of experience with dogs and the many issues that they often have.  Call for a consult to see if we are a "match" for your pet and situation.

Not ready for a package?  - No problem, we can work together one step at a time.  For new clients our first meeting includes a "Intake Session" which includes a review of your Client Profile that you have completed, time for questions and then an introductory Healing Touch Session.  Sessions include a review of what has happened from last time, goal setting, approximately 30-minute healing session, with the final part of the session being time to debrief from the session.

Gift Certificates are available too!

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