"The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become."  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Prosperity Jar Class - Year of the Monkey: Shari's Prosperity Jar classes were wonderful! Not only did she pre-prep everyone with a well thought out list of supplies and resources, but she walked through each component, explaining the meaning and importance. So much thought was put into the teaching of this two-part class which was then personalized for each student. Shari is a valuable resource and expert! 

LB,  Maryland

Prosperity Jar Class - Year of the Monkey: Making the Prosperity Jar was a great experience for many reasons. Making items for the jar helped me focus on what I want and need for the upcoming year and also confirmed my values, reminding me of what is important and why. The process made me consider how I welcome energy into my home. Clearing with sage and thinking about decorating and arrangements chased a lot of bad energy from my home. Another takeaway was the importance of grounding myself to obtain peace and prosperity. I often think of the lovely jar sitting in a now organized closet and am working on the flow of energy throughout the house.

Rosemary Bennett, Maryland


Group Sessions

Winter Solstice Event: The Winter Solstice event arrived at a gloomy time of year. Celebrating the return of the light brought hope and healing. I love the sound of the gongs, the scents and the imagery of the tree. The event helped me look forward to the light out of the darkness.

Rosemary Bennett, Maryland


Peter Mandel's Disk Sets with Sacred Geometry

DREAM Disk - I’ve heard it said “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” I recently had a healing session with Shari and she used Peter Mandel’s Dream Set during the session. The experience was truly amazing. We went through a set of cards to determine which image called to me the most. Shari then placed the Dream Disc on my body and then on my forehead. During that time I experienced detailed visions of how to achieve one of the dreams that I have wanted to put into action. I felt revitalized and motivated to actively work on my dream instead of continuing to hold it as “just” a dream. My dream is now a goal and something I fully expect to come to fruition. Thank you Shari!

Kim W, Hanover, MD


Animal Testimonials

After an equestrian accident, I discovered Shari when I was looking for a way for my horse and I to become better connected during our recovery process. As a certified Healing Touch practitioner for people and animals, Shari met with me and my horse, both alone and together, and developed a plan to help us become the team we used to be. This involved touch, aromatherapy, and vibrational energy. After so many veterinarians and doctors, I was relieved to be focused on a more holistic approach of moving forward with my horse, overcoming our fears, and improving our overall health and wellness. My horse loves Shari! She is very peaceful and he felt very confident around her. Our dressage scores are going up and I attribute much of that to Shari's work with us, and will look forward to the occasional "tune up" as needed. I would recommend Shari for any equestrian that wants to overcome fear issues, get more confidence, and better connect and communicate with their horse.

Martha B Highland, MD



I recently started a new business and although I knew it is the work I was supposed to be doing (and I enjoy doing it), there had been this sense of a blockage of some sort, of not quite knowing how to proceed or that something wasn’t quite connecting. Three days after a very gentle treatment with Shari, this blockage disappeared quite dramatically. As it was doing so, I could see my “business plan” laying itself out before me and now I have a much clearer direction of where I want to take my business and how. Also, I am generally very sensitive to such energy work and Shari worked with me to create a treatment that did not cause any of the usual physical upheaval. I feel like I can confidently recommend Shari as a very qualified practitioner.                                          

Julie K, Columbia MD


" I was extremely stressed about a work related issue and was looking to feel calmer and less stressed. Shari used a variety of methods to help change my energy and make me feel 100% better.  After our session I felt grounded, energized, and more at peace. I no longer had a pit in my stomach or knots in my shoulders. I felt fantastic. Not only did Shari help me but she also did some remote energy healing for my clients that were struggling with a difficult decision. When I left the session with Shari I received a phone call from my clients and they told me that they are no longer conflicted and they are peace with their decision to buy their home and were moving forward with the transaction. I was shocked and so happy! Not only did Shari help me but I am convinced she helped my clients and saved a deal for me. Whether you are looking to heal emotionally, physically or have help in your business Shari is the person to call.”

Laura S, Columbia, MD


Shari brings many spiritual healing gifts and abilities to all those that she touches.  She makes a soul and heart connection to her clients, whether two legged or four, and her warmth and compassion radiate through each and everyone.  I am a 53 year old registered nurse who had the good fortune to meet Shari in a Healing Touch class, and since that time have been the fortunate recipient of the talents she has to offer.

She has mastered many techniques and therapies (Healing Touch, Acutonics, Flower Essence, Color and light, to name a few) and she blends and incorporates select therapeutic elements based on the needs of her clients.

Andie M, Highand, MD


Shari meets you at your own level with her unique energy and unique toolbox. Through dialog with you, she develops synergistic approaches to address your goals, so your session is unique too.

Shari’s talents have struck accord with both the felines and humans in my family. She has worked with us in both individual and group sessions, for both general and specific issues, and in single and multiple sessions for a particular issue. We have all felt improvements in our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives as Shari has helped us navigate joint and nerve challenges, chemical toxicity, and grief. We never imagined that attending her presentation at Bark! would be the prelude to such a harmonious means of achieving results that are sound, touching, and enlightening.

To the extent that you want to explore, Shari applies and shares her knowledge and her tools. As she formulates, provides, and assesses each session with you, Shari always gives her energy unconditionally.

CS, Columbia, MD


Wynfred and I want to thank you for all the healing you have brought into our lives. There is no doubt that our lives have changed in a positive way since our sessions with you. At our last visit you could see how tense Wynfred was when we arrived. He had spent most of the car trip sitting up, looking out the window and panting. He had not been able to settle at all. How different things were on the return trip! He was then calm, centered and relaxed. He lay peacefully, with his head on my lap or on a pillow. And, he has continued in this calm presence through today. He also seems to have entered into a deeper relationship with our new cat, Saunders. We will be looking forward to another visit, and I expect that Saunders may be coming with us.

TR, Virginia


I am 36 years old and am diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I recently had a severe attack and was in and out of the hospital for a couple of months. I lost 30 pounds, was pretty much bed-ridden, and could barely even walk to the end of my driveway without having to sit down. In conjunction with conventional medicine and bio-feedback, I began doing some energy work with Shari. I admittedly was initially a skeptic of the energy techniques since I am very science-oriented and tend to be a disbeliever of what I perceive to be “non-tangible”. What I learned while working together is that these are very tangible techniques that are very valuable for physical and spiritual healing. After 2 weeks I noticed a change for the better. After 2 more weeks of energy work I began feeling remarkably better. My weight was returning, my pains had decreased, and my energy and appetite was better.

With Shari, I learned a lot about relaxation and using ones energy for healing. Shari was very patient with my condition and took the necessary time and steps to ensure that I was recovering from my flare-up. I would recommend Shari to anyone who not only wants to heal an illness, but wants to enlighten their own minds as to the other benefits of energy work as well. Thanks for all of your help Shari!

JR, Howard County, MD


I am a woman of 76 years who has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and hypertension. After each of five sessions with Shari I have experienced less pain, more flexibility and more energy. Though I continue my medication for hypertension, I find that my blood pressure is lowering. I cannot begin to describe the joy I feel as I go about my day, able to perform the activities as I did years ago! And I am able to do all of this without the side effects of drugs!! Thank you Shari!

AS, Baltimore County, MD

You can reach me at 724.313.HOME (4663) or shari@wellnessbyshari.com